Lightning is callous, but Bohman seems to secretly look up to

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Canada Goose online Jesus fucking Christ Kusanagi I get that you have to save your brother but you could at canada goose outlet parka least try not to be so goddamn enthusiastic about murdering the deeply traumatized 16 year old who has come to see you as one of the only trustworthy people in his life? Codebreakers have a seriously brutal playstyle as well. He gimped decode, locked it in place and plans to continuously beat it up while dealing direct damage to PM. You can get canada goose decoys uk more contextually ruthless than that. Canada Goose online

I 90% sure that Bohman is canada goose outlet italy going to be the one that bails PM out of this one. Lightning is callous, but Bohman seems to secretly look up to Playmaker an awful lot. The fact that he clearly questioning his creator at all speaks volumes to the inner conflict starting to develop. He clearly didn seem to think that Lightning would even go through with the threat to erase Jin. If Bohman was capable of emoting, canada goose jacket outlet uk I pretty sure the look on his face would be disgust.

canada goose clearance sale Also Kusanagi did you happen to think about what happens if you win? PM dies, the ignis probably win, hooray you get your brother back but oopsie daisies the Ignis are genociding everyone including you. If Kusanagi program doesn reveal that he secretly intends to lose and is just buying time for the KoH to save canada goose black friday 2019 the day or something, he plummeting to near the goddamn bottom of my favorite characters list. Right down at the bottom of the barrel with Go and Kitamura. canada goose clearance sale

Also “Don be mad at me” you fucking killing him dude it a bit late for thatYusaku didn even say “Duel!” at the beginning, if one things for certain, it that Yusaku is very hesitant.

I also kind of like the code breaker archetype, if it gets enough cards I hope canada goose outlet 80 off it canada goose jacket outlet toronto gets printed with Blue Maiden deck. Infiltrating the opponent field and then weakening them seems pretty good for going up against most if not all decks that run links.

Decode talker finally uses his effect, that isn the ATK point gain, so that neat. It official canada goose outlet a shame that after being gone for so long Decode talker is getting the crap beat out of canada goose shop prague him.

cheap Canada Goose Overall, I really feel for Kusanagi, he has to protect his brother no matter what, I think Yusaku knows that too. However, I gotta admit, Kusanagi is really trying his best to sound angry to make Lightning think canada goose outlet trillium parka black he going all out. Also, if Decode Talker becomes Decode Extend, I hope this means more Extend monsters, Transcode Talker is by far the best Code Talker, so here hoping for more support!Yeah. Maybe he loses to Revolver, but they both move on from the past. Playmaker let himself have fun again with the friends he doesn realize he has, and Revolver just allows the AI to go free after he realizes that any left are not a threat. cheap Canada Goose

canadian goose jacket Bohman might even interfere somehow and promise to not delete Jin if Kusanagi loses or something, especially considering how Bohman also had a brother he cares/cared for and can sympathize with Kusanagi. canadian goose jacket

Assuming that Kusanagi loses and gets deleted, does that mean the Hanoi trio will be the new mission control? Sounds good, they gotten 0 focus despite their return being hyped up a lot.

cheap canada goose uk Ah yes, Decode Talker is back. And for the first time Playmaker has a special affection for a monster card. Of course it would be Decode. This only raises the fact that Decode is indeed Playmaker true ace if anything. cheap canada goose uk

Wait, I can believe I just realized that Playmaker has never used Decode negation effect up until now. That wild.

Canada Goose Coats On Sale Okay, these guys aren once per turn. Good canada goose outlet to know. Canada Goose Coats On Sale

canada goose uk black friday Okay, seems like this is a 2 episode duel, maybe 3 episode potentially depending how long the “promise” part of the next episode is canada goose uk black friday.

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